General Curriculum

We offer

Sacred Heart School offers a quality and balanced curriculum providing learning opportunities for each child to develop his/her potential in a caring and supportive environment. Students are encouraged to be responsible for their own learning and are provided with many opportunities to develop leadership skills.

At Sacred Heart School, we believe that quality relationships between children, parents and teachers are important. Parents are encouraged to be involved as much as possible in the life of the school. A friendly, co-operative relationship exists between staff, parents and students. Families from different religious backgrounds choose to send their children to Sacred Heart because of this.

Sacred Heart has an experienced and enthusiastic staff who work well as a team and who are committed to providing an education in the Catholic Tradition for the students. Staff are expected to be compassionate and caring when dealing with students and parents. With a small student population, staff members are able to develop positive interpersonal relationships with all students and parents. We are very proud of the close relationships we have developed among ourselves and with our students and their parents.

In 2010 the Sacred Heart Centre, comprising a school hall, toilet block and multi-purpose learning area was completed.  While the main school building is in need of updating, all staff are expected maintain clean and imaginative learning areas that will promote learning.

Sacred Heart School is part of the Sacred Heart Parish and was established in 1902 by the Mercy Sisters and is a school with a rich Catholic Tradition.  

Strengths of the programs offered at Sacred Heart School include:

  • A comprehensive Religious Education Program, Awakenings, which permeates all other curriculum areas
  • School and class prayers and Eucharistic liturgies which link the Parish with the school
  • A Parish-based school supported, Sacramental Program
  • Fundraising for; Caritas, Catholic Mission, and other organisations such as the Cancer Foundation and St Vincent de Paul Society
  • A student outreach program: Mini Vinnies
  • Visible signs of our Catholic ethos around the school
  • Involvement in the wider community e.g. ‘Meals on Wheels’, ‘Community Freezer’
  • There is enough iPad's for every Foundation, Year 1/2 student
  • Each student in Year 3/4/5/6 has access to their own Chromebook (laptop), which is owned by the school
  • Indonesian (Language Other Than English (LOTE)) 
  • Involvement in local events e.g. Kelpie Parade, ANZAC day
  • A Restorative Practices approach to behaviour management and student wellbeing
  • A commitment to improving literacy and numeracy outcomes for all students
  • Small classes
  • Use of Literacy and Numeracy data to inform student and teaching needs
  • A number of intervention programs to support students in need of extra assistance e.g., Multi Lit Program, Mini Lit, Pre Lit, Prep Project, Toe to Toe
  • A whole school approach to Inquiry Learning aligned with the Victorian Curriculum
  • Learning programs to develop the ‘whole’ child through academic, emotional, physical, social and spiritual experiences
  • Professional development for all staff
  • Access to and use of, a wide range of technology, including smart boards, iPads, laptops and a Video Conferencing Unit
  • School camps and excursions for all students
  • Comprehensive resources
  • Regular sports sessions and a variety of sporting days and activities with the other schools in our district