Religious Education


Sacred Heart School uses the Awakenings Religious Education Curriculum, which has been mandated by the Bishop of the Ballarat Diocese. The curriculum uses the teaching method called 'Shared Christian Praxis'. This teaching method was devised by Thomas Groome. 'Shared Christian Praxis' uses an inquiry approach to learning. Topics in Religious Education typically begin with a 'Focusing Activity', which is designed to spark interest in the topic. The following activities usually ask students to make links to their real life experiences. These experiences are then linked to the religious content of the topic. Topics usually finish with students reflecting on what they have learnt and how their learnings can be lived out.

Religious Education is always thoroughly planned by the schools' teachers and has the same academic importance as any other subject. The Religious Education curriculum teaches the students about Gospel values within the Catholic faith. Prayer, Mass and Liturgy play an important role in educating students about the Catholic faith. The curriculum uses modern teaching methods and incorporates the use of digital devices such as laptops, interactive whiteboards and iPads.